News, February 2017

Dear Colleagues,

ACCS Trainer Day

The annual ACCS Trainer Day will take place at RCoA on Tuesday 2nd May. Items for the programme include:

  • Breakout sessions for the individual Specialties including ‘How to be an excellent Educational Supervisor’ and ‘Differences in Core curricula and the ACCS curriculum’
  • ACCS and e-Portfolio
  • Discussion on best practice for ARCPs
  • Providing ACCS Days

ACCS Educational Supervisors handbook

The Committee have just completed a handbook intended as a supporting reference guide for trainers who have an Educational Supervisor role for ACCS trainees. It covers all the main aspects of training and supervision and should be the first port of call for any queries you may have along the way. For trainers who are relatively new to educational supervision this handbook covers all you need to know to get started. Sections have been set aside where local requirements or guidance can be included, so please do feel free to include these. You can find the handbook here.


The minutes of the meeting held in November 2016 are now available for colleagues to review here.

ACCS ARCP Checklist

The ICACCST is currently working on an ARCP guide for ACCS training. This will be made available once approved by the committee.

ACCS Contacts

It would be helpful if all trainers involved in the local ACCS programme who have not already done so sign up to the ACCS register to improve communications with the ICACCST.

With best wishes,

Jonathan Goodall
Chair ICACCST, February 2017