World Anaesthesia Day 2012

Today (16 October) is the 166th anniversary of the world’s first recorded successful use of ether as an anaesthetic which took place at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA in 1846.  The date is now globally recognised as World Anaesthesia Day in respect of the importance of this event.  The BJA is commemorating this historic event with an Editor’s selection of 12 articles to be provided for reading throughout October free of charge via this link

The College continues to advance anaesthesia safety around the world and in partnership with the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland and e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LFH) we have developed e-SAFE, an e-learning DVD to support education in anaesthesia throughout the developing world.  This DVD contains over 100 interactive e-learning sessions and an e-Library with over 500 articles covering basic science and clinical anaesthesia.  The learning resources have been designed to support the education, training and continuing professional development of healthcare professionals involved in the safe delivery of anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine.  This DVD will be available from December 2012.  If you would be interested in receiving copies of the DVD for use in the developing world, or if you would like to arrange for copies to be sent to colleagues overseas, please complete the form here.

16 October 2012

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