Vacancy for Regional Adviser Anaesthesia East of Scotland

We are in the process of appointing a Regional Adviser Anaesthesia to succeed Dr W McClymont who is due to complete his term of office.


If you wish to apply for this post, the form will need to be submitted to RAAs administrator by 10th May 2017 along with:

  • short CV, focussing on educational and leadership attributes
  • statement of what the applicant considers he/she would bring to the role (500 words max)
  • letter of support from Trust (CD, DME or MD) acknowledging support and appropriate time to attend RA Meetings and perform duties within School and region.

If more than 1 application received, VP appoints outgoing RAA to act on his behalf and convene a selection process. This may be a ballot, or interview, but must involve representation from the local School, Trusts, and educational board. The detail of selection process should be discussed with the VP before commencing. In the event of no decision being made locally, President has a casting vote, which he can delegate. Final approval given by Council.


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