Trainee Committee

The Trainee Committee consists of two trainee members of Council, four members elected from the Anaesthesia Trainee Representative Group and co-opted members.  This committee provides trainee representation across all activities of the College and also to external groups such as the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' Trainee Doctors Group (ATDG) and the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland's Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT).

Dr Peeyush Kumar FRCA, FCAI, Chair

  • Trainee Member of Council

Dr JP Lomas FRCA, Deputy Chair

  • Trainee Member of Council

Dr Krish Ramanchandran 
Council Member

  • Consultant Member of Council

Dr Janice Fazackerley FRCA

  • Consultant Member of Council

Dr Kate Tatham FRCA

  • Elected member

Dr Helen Gordon 

  • Elected member

Dr Toni Brunning

  • Elected member

Dr Myra McAdam

  • Elected member

Dr Emma Plunkett

  • Co-opted GAT member

Dr Andy Owen

  • NIAA

Dr Lyndsey Forbes

  • SALG

Dr Jonathan Sadler

  • Education Fellow





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