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Lifebox Fellowship for Senior Anaesthetic Trainees

03 Nov 2014

An exciting opportunity to make a significant contribution to quality improvement and anaesthesia care in Uganda or Ethiopia. Lifebox Foundation in collaboration with the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland, the Difficult Airway Society, World Anaesthesia...

Understanding the new NHS - A guide for everyone working and...

16 Jul 2014

This guide is for everyone working and training within the NHS.  Written by five doctors in training, the guide outlines the organisations, systems and processes that define, sustain and regulate the NHS.  The document is an accessible, practical and informative tool and will be...

The RCoA Guide for Novice Trainees

08 Jul 2014

The RCoA Guide for Novice Trainees has been revised and updated for the 2014/15 academic year. The updated online version is now available on the College website. An email has been sent to all Anaesthesia and ACCS Novice Trainees starting in August 2014 with further information...

Next iteration of the 2010 Anaesthetics CCT Curriculum

07 Jul 2014

The GMC has confirmed approval for the next iteration of the 2010 Anaesthetics CCT Curriculum. This takes effect from 3 July 2014. Version 1.6 of the 2010 curriculum is now available on the website. The following changes are included: Complete revision of Annex F (ICM) to...

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HEE Workforce Planning 2015/2016 - Call for Evidence

25 Jun 2014

Please click here to view the RCoA and AAGBI response on behalf of the specialty to HEE Call for Evidence (CfE) Workforce Planning 2015/2016. The GAT/RCoA Trainee Survey Report is included here as part of supporting evidence. Further information from HEE is available here.  

National Survey indicates high standards in anaesthesia training

23 Jun 2014

Today’s GMC National Training Survey shines a light on the standards of medical training and education across the UK.   Almost 54,000 doctors across all stages of training rated their levels of satisfaction against a number of aspects of their post that included:  Clinical...

A sustainable future for HEE – Realising our potential

18 Jun 2014

The One HEE Beyond Transition document outline HEE's intention to consolidate their position following their establishment in 2013.  This includes a more structured approach to making the LETBs accountable both in terms of commissioner/provider and administratively.  There is...

The Gas Newsletter (Issue 8)

29 May 2014

Issue 8 of the Trainee Newsletter 'The Gas' is now available to download below.

Mercy Ships and RCoA Anaesthetic Fellowship

23 May 2014

This new collaboration is a unique opportunity for an anaesthetic trainee to gain three months with Mercy Ships experiencing many aspects of Developing World Anaesthesia. The Fellowship runs for three months, commencing February 2015. Download the poster for more information »  

RCoA Curriculum Review - share your views

17 Apr 2014

As President I request your support for a detailed piece of work concerning the Curriculum.  Aidan Devlin is a Clinical Fellow working for the College.  He has been asked to critically assess the CCT in Anaesthetics Curriculum and provide recommendations for improvements.  Set...


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