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Change of validity of Primary Exam

20 Sep 2012

As of September 2012 Council agreed the reduction of a validity of a pass in the Primary/exemption qualifications from ten years to seven, This reduction will bring the length of validity for all FRCA examinations in line with the maximum of seven years, recommended by the GMC...

Primary FRCA MCQ examination – SBAs one year on

20 Jul 2012

Single Best Answer (SBA) questions were introduced into the Primary FRCA MCQ examination in September 2011. Anthony McCluskey, Chair of Primary MCQ, revisits the rationale for the inclusion of SBAs and reviews the candidate performance of the three cohorts who have taken the...

FRCA Examinership applications invited

10 Jul 2012

The College invites applications for vacancies to the Board of Examiners in the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, from the academic year 2013–2014.  Examiners will be recruited to the Primary examination in the first instance.  The number of Examiners required...

Examinations Regulations, August 2012

05 Jul 2012

The previously announced changes to the FRCA examinations which come into force for all FRCA examination from September 2012 are now incorporated into the Primary and Final FRCA Examination Regulations, August 2012 and are also reflected in the relevant examination applications...

Examinations Review Report 2011

19 Apr 2012

Recent changes and upheaval in Postgraduate Medical Education and Training (PMET), including transformations in recruitment, the impact of Working Time Regulations (WTR), the introduction of a new curriculum and the amalgamations of PMETB into the GMC, coupled with significant...

Opening of the Final FRCA examinations to all doctors

30 Mar 2012

Opening of the Final FRCA examinations to all doctors practising anaesthesia in the NHS from September 2012 With effect from September 2012 the Final FRCA examination components will be open to any doctor practising anaesthesia in the NHS (subject to certain eligibility criteria...

Primary Exam dates change from August 2013

02 Feb 2012

Primary MCQ and Primary OSCE/SOE dates change from August 2013 To allow candidates who pass the Primary MCQ to apply for the following sitting of the OSCE/SOE the College will move the traditional dates of Primary exams. This will take place from the 2013‑2014 academic year. A...

Standard provisions given to dyslexic exam candidates

01 Feb 2012

The standard provisions for dyslexic candidates at written examinations have changed. See Apendix 3 of the current Examination Regulations

The Candidate Newsletter (Issue 3)

12 Jan 2012

The Candidate is a newsletter specifically designed to keep FRCA examination candidates informed of updates to exam processes, procedures, and regulations.  Issue 3 is now available to download.

The CAI Examinations and the UK CCT

17 Dec 2011

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has been informed by the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland that, following discussions at its meeting of Council last week, it is no longer their intention to seek GMC recognition of the Examinations of the Irish College as an equivalent test...