The Humphry Davy Award

This may be awarded to a team or organisation for improving clinical care. This is normally awarded annually, but there may exceptionally be more awards in any one year. The standard expected is for sustained contributions to the College, usually in a specific area of activity. This is national activity but may include successfully completed commissioned activity. The project or activity has to be significant for the College and involve high levels of commitment and delivery over some years although usually less than the ten years criteria for the higher awards. Previous awardees are listed in Annexe 2. Please note this award was converted into a team award and this change was agreed by Council on 20 November 2019.


The Humphery Davy Award

Previous awardees 

Name Presentation year
Alison Cooper 2019
Fatigue Group Leadership team 2019
Teresa Dorman 2018
SafeguardingPlus Working Group 2018
Jo James 2018
Eddie Wilson 2018
George Teturswamy 2018
Dave Murray 2018
GASAgain Team 2017
NAP5 Steering Group 2016
Peter Brodrick 2016
Alexander Goodwin 2015
Michael Blayney 2015
Anil Pate 2015
Kerri Jones 2015
Michael Swart 2015
Martin Kuper 2015
Martin Leuwer 2014
Roger Laishley 2014
Kathryn Wark 2014
The Lifebox Foundation 2013
Andrew Lim 2013
Jerry Cashman 2013
Carol Peden 2013
Gary Smith 2012
Bernard Riley 2012
Susan Hill 2012
Carolyn Evans 2011
Anne Sutcliffe 2010
Tri-service Anaesthetic Society 2009
K Balakrishnan 2009
e-Learning for Health Team 2009
Julia Moore 2009
Timothy Cook 2008
Gary Strichartz 2008
John Colvin 2008
Madeleine Wang 2008
Helen Wise 2008
Christopher Rowlands 2006
Jaideep Pandit 2006
Ronnie Glavin 2006
Douglas Wilkinson 2006
Lucy White 2006
Ian Smith 2006
Premachandran Jeyaratnam 2006
Janusz Liban 2005
Anne Seymour 2005
Roger Eltringham 2005
Janusz Liban 2005
Anne Seymour 2005
Roger Eltringham 2005
Frank Walters 2005
Christine Thornton 2004
Kathy Rowan 2004
Jim Watt 2003
Leslie Shutt 2003
Clive Bray 2003
Datex-Ohmeda 2003
Abbott Laboratories 2003
Charlotte Williamson 2002
David Lambert 2002
Helen Galley 2002