2020-2021 Election Statement – Professor Ravi Mahajan

It has been an honour and a privilege to work with you, as President of our College, over the past 24 months. A big THANK YOU to all of you for your wise counsel, hard work, support and comradery.

The past six months, dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, have been challenging. During this period, we have worked productively, and have had significant influence at the core of national policy, guidance and decision making; we have also raised our profile nationally and internationally, within and outside the specialty. At the same time, we have strengthened our bonds with our members by supporting and guiding them through these difficult times.

Also, we have made considerable enhancements in how we conduct our every-day business and deliver on our core functions of education, examinations, professional standards and policy.

Going forward, these changes will bring challenges, but also opportunities. The major areas for focus in the next 12 months will be:

  • new ways of delivering our educational events
  • exam review and digitisation of our exams
  • hybrid models of conducting College business with increased use of digital technology but striking a right balance with face-to-face interactions at all levels
  • use of the College estate
  • consolidation and further enhancement of the College’s leadership position within and outside specialty.

The scope and the opportunities that these areas of change present are potentially massive. However, as the recent events related to the external proctoring of our exams would suggest, none of these opportunities are without risk. Managing the risks is going to be the challenge for all of us.

In the coming year, we will also need to continue to work on the ongoing strategic aims of the College, including:

  • streamlining governance
  • enhancing membership engagement
  • comprehensive workforce strategy, including development of the Faculty of Anaesthesia Associates
  • new curriculum
  • strategic regional influence of the College
  • being key player in improving population health through the perioperative care agenda
  • campaigns and fundraising initiatives
  • meaningful leadership programmes
  • further building strategic working relationships with other Medical Royal Colleges, AoMRC, HEE, NHSE/I and Advisors to Secretary of State and the Prime Minister
  • enhancing our global presence by collaborating with international partners on Education, Standards, Quality and Safety, and Exams.

If re-elected in the year 2020, I will work with you to build on these areas.

At the Royal College of Anaesthetists, we are known to have an ambitious vision, clear strategy, and provide open, dynamic and collaborative leadership with integrity. I firmly believe that, with these attributes, we are well positioned to turn current challenges into big opportunities for growth of our College and the specialty, and enhancement of our influence.

In my multisource feedback, some of you have consistently said that I do well in engaging at ‘human’ level, and that I bring calm authority, reason and sincerity to my work. I believe in honesty, integrity and transparency in all affairs, individual and professional. I also believe in flattened hierarchy and collaborative leadership. With these values, which guide my every-day life, I look forward to your support in this election.

Ravi Prakash Mahajan