Details of our partnership with Landspitali hospital, delivering ACCS training in Iceland


Iceland has a population of approximately 330,000 and have good access to medical services and good clinical outcomes.  The majority of patients are treated in country.

Landspitali is the largest hospital in Iceland with 2 campuses (Hringbraut and Fossvogur).  Anaesthesia trainees usually rotate through both campuses, as do other medical specialties.  A new larger hospital, which would allow the university to sit on one campus is currently being developed, with the intention of it opening in 2022 / 2023.  The university hospital has approximately 1,600 students per year across all subjects.  Trainees will undertake the majority of their specialty training overseas (usually in Sweden, Norway or the USA).

In 2015, The Ministry of Welfare in Iceland published a new regulation regarding specialty education in Iceland and it has been requested that each specialty seek international advice on the development of specialty training programmes.  To this end, in collaboration with partner specialties, it was agreed that Icelandic trainees would follow the ACCS training pathway.

In order to support this, we delivered a Training the Trainer course in Reykjavik in September 2017 to a core group of trainers.  This included sessions on the following:

  • overview of Core Anaesthetic Curriculum and logistical considerations of running an ACCS training programme
  • the Role of the Educational Supervisor
  • teaching in the workplace
  • the primary FRCA examination
  • trainee assessment and providing feedback
  • appraisal and reflective practice
  • e-Portfolio overview
  • doctors in difficulty
  • professionalism

We have continued our engagement since 2017, providing an external representative for the first ARCPs to take place in Iceland in 2018, as well as providing on-going support for trainers and trainees on the Lifelong Learning Platform. 

Iceland group
Attendees at the Training the Trainer workshop, Reykjavik, Iceland. September 2017

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