College Merchandise



Please contact the Membership Department to order College merchandise on:
020 7092 1700

Alternatively, you can download the order form here and send it by post or email with your payment details or cheque to the College at the Royal College of Anaesthetists, Churchill House, 35 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4SG.


A small and elegant silver-coloured metal lapel badge in the shape of the College crest, size approx. 3cm x 2.5cm.



Leather bookmarks with ‘The Royal College of Anaesthetists’ embossed in gold, red or blue


Bow Tie

Navy silk, featuring the traditional College crest



A stunning poppy design, size approximately 3 cm X 3 cm.
Available in 9ct gold (£93), silver (£37.00) and silver gilt (£37.00)


Canvas Bag

A handy shopper bag with a blue ‘Royal College of Anaesthetists’ design on cream background, size approximately 44cm length X 37 cm width, handles 30 cm length



A set of smart cufflinks either in an oval shape in navy blue with gold College crest, or in the shape of the College shield in red, white and blue


Dinner Decanter Sets

A stylish crystal dinner decanter set with two glasses, decanter height approximately 22cm, glass height approximately 10cm (£75.00)
Night cap set with two glasses, decanter height approximately 14cm, glass height approximately 6cm (£33.00)
Both in crystal glass featuring the College crest

Please note that decanters are sometimes despatched directly from Burns Crystal Glass Ltd.


Engraved Purse Mirror

Silver plated purse mirror engraved with the College crest, size approximately 11cm x 8cm, perfect to slip in to your pocket or handbag 


Ladies Scarf

A soft and beautiful scarf in lightweight silk, with a grey background and black College crest motif



Crystal glass paperweight with bevelled edge, featuring the College crest, diameter approximately 7.5cm, depth approximately 4cm 


Polo Shirt

Cotton polo shirt with embroidered College crest, available in titanium grey or navy, sizes XL, Large, Medium or Small



Shield featuring the College’s armorial bearings, available in light oak or dark oak, size approximately 18cm length x 15cm width



Silk ties featuring College crest motif, available in navy or dark red with multi-crest design or single-crest design 

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