Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For applicants:


How does recruitment into ACCS training programmes work?

Please see the Recruitment page.


Can I make an “open” application and choose my parent speciality later?

Unfortunately not. Places on the ACCS programme are linked to a parent speciality (Acute Internal Medicine, Anaesthetics or Emergency Medicine). Please be aware that it will not be possible to change parent specialties after accepting a training post.


For current trainees:


Where should I be recording my progress against the ACCS Curriculum?

Trainees should log all the evidence (workplace based assessments, reflections, multi-source feedback, etc) in the e-Portfolio tool provided by their parent specialty. Where possible, when they are in a post outside their parent specialty they should continue to use their parent specialty’s electronic assessments. Where this is not possible, trainees should use paper forms (from the specialty that they are working in at the time of the assessment) and upload them to their parent speciality’s e-Portfolio.
Trainees should not have more than one e-Portfolio. Please see the Portfolio page for more details.


Why isn’t there an ACCS e-Portfolio?

The ICACCST is investigating the possibility of having a universal ACCS e-Portfolio. However, at present we recommend that trainees utilise their parent specialty’s e-Portfolio.


What do I need to do to pass my ARCP?

The ARCP process is co-ordinated and run on a local Deanery/LETB level. The ACCS Curriculum (2012) outlines the expected progress of ACCS trainees through their training programme, including information relating to workplace based assessments. Your Deanery/LETB may have additional requirements that are required to demonstrate satisfactory progress. Please get in touch with your local Training Programme Director and/or local ACCS Trainee Representative for further information.


I am not getting the training I need. Who do I speak to?

In the first instance, please speak to your Educational Supervisor, local Training Programme Director and/or local ACCS Trainee Representative (see the Local Contacts page for more information). If this does not resolve your issue, please email


I would like to change my parent specialty. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for trainees to sidestep from one parent specialty to another. The ICACCST have recently had discussions with the GMC, Health Education England and the UK’s Deans to try to find some way of resolving this, but this is not expected to change in the foreseeable future.
Trainees wishing to change parent specialty will have to reapply to their desired specialty programme at CT1 level using the national recruitment process. If successful in securing a post, their new Deanery may approve the counting of competencies already gained towards their new training programme. Please note that this is down to the discretion of the Deanery, and is therefore not guaranteed.


Where can I find a list of the acute presentations?

Please see the curriculum - the list of AP's begins on page 85.


Where can I find a list of useful contacts?

Please see the local contacts page. If you still have no luck contact:


Where can I find copies of the paper assessment forms?

Please see the assessment forms page.


How do I contact the Trainee Representatives on ICACCST?



I have been in post for several months and do not yet have an Educational or Clinical Supervisor: who should I contact?

Your first point of contact should be either your Deanery or Training Programme Director. If you have no luck contacting them, please get in touch:


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