How to engage with ACSA




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Important information

  • Departments are considered ‘officially engaged’ only when payment is received.
  • College Guides may be selected but are not ‘assigned’ before payment is received.
  • The engaged department will be asked to complete the self-assessment at least twice: once when they first engage, to give the ACSA team (and the College Guide) an idea of what point they are initially at, and again before each review visit.
  • A department should only request a review once they feel that they meet all of the Priority 1 standards. It is the role of the College Guide to assist the department to reach this point.
  • The timeframe for departments to become accredited after becoming ‘officially engaged’ through payment is ultimately at their discretion, however we would generally expect 6–12 months as a realistic timeframe.
  • Each visit is measured on the standards applicable at that time, i.e. if a department requests a visit in April and new standards come out in March, they will be assessed on the new standards. It is the responsibility of the ACSA team, when a department requests a review, to advise that new standards are available for the department in question.
  • Existing accredited departments will have a six-month ‘grace period’ in order to meet the new standards.