Biographies of Fellows

In 2015, as part of an expansion of its historical collection, the College started to develop a portfolio of biographies of its Fellows. A start has been made with the early Fellows of the Faculty of Anaesthetists at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, specifically those elected to the Fellowship in the years 1948–1953. Click on the name in the table below and you will be taken to the biography. The list is short now, but there is a search function in place (see below) that will obviously become more useful as the list grows when new contributions are received through the ‘Lives’ project. Please review that section of the website if you would like more information, especially on how to offer additional material to existing biographies or to write new ones. Every offer of help will be much appreciated.

To search the list below, type into the box the family name of the individual you are interested in, and click on search. If no biography appears, see above.