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Document Date added Category Tags
Global Partnerships Strategy 2016-2019 29/06/2017 Training, College and Profession International, Training, Overseas
GMC position statement on less than full-time training 16/01/2013 Training Maternity, Flexible, Paternity, Leave
GMC position statement on time out of training 16/01/2013 Training CCT, Eligibility
Guidance for Doctors Overseas 13/06/2017 Training Registration, PLAB, IMG, Non UK/EU, MTI
Guidance for External Advisers 21/02/2018 Training ARCP, Guidance
Guidance for new Committee Members, Educational Supervisors and applicants 31/07/2017 Training Equivalence, CESR, Review, Overseas
Guidance for the Assessment of QI Activities 05/09/2017 Training QI, Assessment, ARCP
Guidance for UK Hospitals 19/09/2016 Training Registration, PLAB, IMG, Non UK/EU
Guidance on Dual CCT programmes in Anaesthetics and ICM 31/07/2017 Training Structure, Assessment, Programme, Curriculum
Guidance on the supervision of non-consultant anaesthetists 13/04/2015 Training Eligibility, Career, Specialty, Equivalence, Supervision
Guide for Novice Trainees Installation Instructions 02/07/2014 Training Guidance, Trainees
ICACCST Minutes, November 2016 09/02/2017 Training Minutes, ICACCST
ICACCST Minutes, September 2016 18/11/2016 Training Minutes, ICACCST
Indicative Flowchart for Doctors in Training (July 2013) 27/11/2013 Training Maternity, Guidance
Initial Assessment of Competence Certificate 01/03/2018 Training Structure, Programme, Certificate
Initial Assessment of Competence in Obstetric Anaesthesia Certificate 16/09/2016 Training Structure, Programme, Certificate
Interim Progress Report 16/09/2016 Training Form, ESSR, e-Portfolio, End of Placement
Intermediate Level Progress Report 16/09/2016 Training Structure, Assessment, Programme
Intermediate Level Training Certificate 01/03/2018 Training Structure, Programme, Certificate
Key areas of comparison from the 2007 and 2010 Census 07/12/2011 College and Profession, Training Census, Workforce
Lifebox Fellowship 07/09/2015 Training Registration, PLAB, IMG, Non UK/EU
Lifelong Learning platform - frequently asked questions (FAQ) 03/05/2018 Training Lifelong, FAQs, Guidance
Lifelong Learning: what you need to know 25/06/2018 Training Lifelong Learning
Lifelong Learning: what you need to know (A5 flyer) 25/06/2018 Training Lifelong Learning
LTFT in anaesthesia: an A to Z guide 22/01/2016 Training Maternity, Flexible, Paternity, Leave