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General Medical Council (GMC)

  • 0–18 Guidance for all doctors 2007 – A clear summary of a doctor’s duties when working with children – covers similar areas to the above but also communication, confidentiality and child protection. The guidance found in this document is binding on all doctors in the UK.
  • This guidance for doctors sets out the principles on which good clinical decisions should be based. Patients and doctors making decisions together.
  • Protecting Children – responsibilities of all doctors 2014.
  • Confidentiality guidance 2017 – good practice in handling patient information.


A good summary of the impact of the Montgomery case at the Supreme Court in 2015, and how it has clarified the law to bring it into line with pre-existing professional guidance:

McCombe K, Bogod D. Paternalism and consent: has the law finally caught up with the profession? Anaesthesia 2015;70:1016–1019

ReSPECT – Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment
ReSPECT is a process that creates personalised recommendations for a person’s clinical care in a future emergency in which they are unable to make or express choices. It provides health and care professionals responding to that emergency with a summary of recommendations to help them to make immediate decisions about that person’s care and treatment. ReSPECT can be complementary to a wider process of advance/anticipatory care planning

Children and Young Persons Advance Care Plan Collaborative

NHS Scotland Children and Young Persons Acute Deterioration Policy webpages


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