College Committees Matrix

Please see below for a list of College Committees and that Committee's Chair.  To view the College Committees Matrix, including a full list of Committee Members for each Committee, please click on the image above. Please note that the President and Vice-Presidents are ex-officio members of ALL Committees except Audit and Internal Affairs.

Committee Chair Contact
25th Anniversary Organising Committee Dr J Langton
Anaesthesia Related Professionals Committee Dr N Penfold
Anaesthetists as Educators Dr A Cooper
Audit and Internal Affairs Committee Dr A Batchelor
CPD Board Dr L Williams
Education Committee Professor M Grocott
Equivalence Committee Dr K Ramachandran
Examinations Committee Dr M Wilkinson
FICM Board Dr C Waldmann
FICM Professional Standards Committee Dr S Baudouin
FICM Training and Assessment Committee Dr A Pittard
Finance Committee Dr J Fazackerley
FPM Board Dr B Miller
FPM Professional Standards Committee  Dr P Wilkinson
FPM Training and Assessment Committee  Dr J McGhie
Heritage Committee  Dr A Thornberry
Intercollegiate Committee for ACCS Training  Dr J Goodall
Lay Committee Mr R Thompson
National Honours Committee  Sir P Simpson
National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia Board  Professor M Mythen
National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia Research Council  Professor D Lambert
Nominations Committee  Professor R Sneyd
Patient Information Group Dr Hilary Swales
Professional Standards Committee  Dr W Harrop-Griffiths
Quality Management of Service Group Dr S Fletcher
Quality Working Group Dr C Johnston
Recruitment Committee  Dr T Gale
Revalidation Committee Dr J Colvin
Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group  Professor J Pandit
Staff And Associate Specialist Committee Dr K May
Technology Strategy Programme Dr J Langton
Trainee Committee  Dr J-P Lomas
Training Committee  Dr N Penfold
Workforce Advisory Group Dr J Colvin


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