Examinations Review Report 2011

Recent changes and upheaval in Postgraduate Medical Education and Training (PMET), including transformations in recruitment, the impact of Working Time Regulations (WTR), the introduction of a new curriculum and the amalgamations of PMETB into the GMC, coupled with significant changes to the FRCA has necessitated a review of the FRCA set against the GMC Standards for Assessment. An Examinations Review Working Party (ERWP) was set up to consider all aspects of the FRCA and to report their findings/proposed actions to the RCoA Council. The ERWP considered all aspects of the FRCA examinations from the perspectives of candidates, patients and examiners and from an educational viewpoint. Following their review, the ERWP proposed a number of actions to further improve the FRCA. Continual quality assurance processes have been implemented to ensure that feedback from questionnaires and reports are given full consideration and changes put in place where considered appropriate. Improvements will be made to the candidate experience as a result of this review and patient input into the FRCA will be reviewed. The many findings and considerations of the ERWP are set out in their report which is available below (individual appendices referenced in the report are available on request to exams@rcoa.ac.uk). An article regarding the candidate survey carried out over the last 18 months appeared in the March issue of the Bulletin. The FRCA Examinations are predominantly fit for purpose. They appropriately match and work alongside the training.

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