Patient and colleague feedback for anaesthetists

Feedback from patients and colleagues can provide doctors with information about their work through the eyes of those they treat and work with. It provides the opportunity for patients, non-medical co-workers and medical colleagues to comment on the professional skills and behaviour of a doctor, and in turn allows the doctor to reflect on this information for his or her professional development.

Following the introduction of Revalidation, the College has issued updated guidance on how this process can be carried out. We have included several case studies and examples of good practice. We recommend that this guidance is read in conjunction with the questionnaire tailored specifically for the interaction between patients and their anaesthetist in the surgical setting, which has been approved by the GMC.

Patient Feedback should not be confused with Outcome Measurement, although there is considerable overlap between the two. Patient Feedback in the current context seeks to evaluate the clarity of communication, politeness, compassion and the extent to which the patient feels involved in their own care. The first three are key tenets of a good doctor-patient relationship; the fourth poses similar challenges for all doctors.

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