Taking OSCE and SOE online - guidance

Published: 01/10/2020

IT system requirements

To sit a FRCA clinical exam online this year, it is critically important to check that you are able to use the exam platform effectively. We have found that difficulties encountered on an exam day are often the result of a candidate's personal IT set up. We therefore strongly recommend that you check your set up well in advance of the exam to avoid any stress on the exam day.   

These pages will explain what set up you require to take the exam and how to test your IT set up to give you confidence that it works.

Let's look at system requirements first.

Selecting your device

The RCoA OSCE and SOE can be sat on PCs and on laptops. In exceptional circumstances you could use a tablet such as an iPad, however, we strongly recommend that you use a laptop or a PC as the experience on a tablet is not as good. 

DO NOT use mobile phones or small tablets for the exam, as you will not be able to participate effectively. 

Your device should have a minimum screen size of 12.9” for this exam.

You must have a webcam and audio access to sit the exam.
If you have multiple camera, microphone or speaker settings, make sure you know which is best to use for the exam.

We also encourage you to have a pair of headphones or earphones you can use if there are sound issues during the exam.

Minimum Device Requirements

Please check that your device is operating to these minimum requirements relating to operating systems, hard drive storage space and RAM (memory).

You should have the latest operating system available for your device installed:

  • Windows - minimum Windows 7
  • Mac - minimum 10.12 Sierra
  • iPad - minimum iOS 12
  • Android - minimum version tbc

Sufficient hard drive storage space:

  • Minimum 20GB free space on PC/laptop
  • Minimum 2GB free space on iPad

Minimum RAM (memory) requirements:

  • PC and Laptop 4GB minimum, 8GB recommended

Sitting the exam in your Trust 

If you intend to sit the exam in your Trust, you must check that the Practique exam application is whitelisted to prevent any firewall issues. To do this, please share this Url with the IT team in your Trust  https://rcoa.practique.net/html5/