Final FRCA Written revision course

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have developed an online revision course in place of the face-to-face revision courses run at the College. 

-43 days left

Key details

Date: 14 December to 9 March 2021

Location: Online,

Availability: Places available

Clinical content lead(s): Dr Alex Goodwin | Trainee Liaison: Dr Jenny Abthorpe


If you are planning to sit the Final FRCA Written examination in March 2021, then this online revision course will give you access to material previously only available on our face-to-face revision courses.

Lectures from specialist consultants will provide you with a better understanding of the Final FRCA curriculum, in particular key areas known for their difficulty, and will support your exam preparation.

The online portal will include:

  • Access to video recordings of lectures from the January 2020 Final FRCA revision course
  • New video content specifically recorded for this online course by our regular course lecturers
  • Links to download the corresponding slide sets for each lecture, plus further reading recommendations
  • Interactive MTF and SBA MCQ practice papers
  • Example CRQ papers
  • Access to an online network forum enabling you to connect and engage with fellow attendees
  • Flexible access to all content from 14 December 2020 through to the March 2021 Final FRCA Written examination.

Plus, there is the option of purchasing the Guide to the FRCA examination: The Final (Fourth Edition, January 2020) at a reduced cost at the time of booking.

Topic Lecturer
Anaesthesia for maxillofacial surgery Dr Tamsin Rope, London
Anaesthesia for OMF and head and neck surgery Dr Tamsin Rope, London
Management of chronic pain Dr Catherine Stack, London
Acute pain Dr Mark Abrahams, Cambridge
Regional anaesthesia Dr Simeon West, London
Anaesthesia in patients with neurological diseases Dr Eleanor Carter, London
CO monitoring and depth of anaesthesia monitoring Dr Ian Bailes, London
Anaesthesia and the elderly Dr Richard Griffiths, Peterborough
Anaemia and patient blood management Dr Nick Freeman, Leeds
Anaesthesia for vascular surgery Dr Richard Telford, Exeter
Anaesthesia for cardiac surgery Dr Andy Curry, Southampton
Anaesthetic management of valvular heart disease Dr Kiran Salaunkey, Cambridge
Thoracic anaesthesia Dr Alex Ng, Wolverhampton
Respiratory failure and ventilatory support Dr Stuart McKechnie, Oxford
Brainstem testing and organ donation Dr Paul Murphy, Leeds
Ophthalmic anaesthesia Dr Manish Raval, London
Paediatric anaesthesia / analgesia Dr James Gaynor, Norwich
Anaesthesia for operative obstetrics Dr Chris Marsh, Bath
Pain relief in labour Dr Chris Marsh, Bath


This cost of the Final FRCA Written Revision Course is £50.00 (members) and £60.00 (non-members).

There is also the option of purchasing the Guide to the FRCA examination: The Final (Fourth Edition, January 2020) at a reduced price when booking onto the course. Prices include packaging and posting:

  • UK | £20 (RRP £26)
  • Europe | £25 (RRP £31)
  • Rest of World | £30 (RRP £36)