Primary and Final Written Examinations

Update on next scheduling of FRCA written exams

To ensure that these exams go ahead and are not subject to changes in circumstance caused by COVID-19, we have decided to change the delivery method. The next sittings of these exams will be online and invigilated by remote invigilators through a company called TestReach. TestReach are very experienced in running online invigilated tests and will support candidates personally in preparation for the exam.  
With this type of test, candidates choose an environment which is quiet, free from distraction, and with a reasonably stable internet connection to sit their test.   We hope that sitting the test at a location of choice, will make the process less stressful and enable candidates to perform at their best. Most reasonable adjustments can be catered for and the standard process for adjustments will apply.

To take the online test, you need: 

  • A quiet, secure environment – a room where you can take your exam on your own without interruption.
  • A PC or laptop computer with Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and 4GB RAM. You must have permissions to install software.
  • A screen size of at least 13" and a resolution of 1024 x 768. Multiple screens are not permitted.
  • A reliable internet connection - good continuous internet speed of 516kbps or higher
  • A working webcam
  • A working microphone and speakers. Headphones / earplugs are not permitted.
  • A MAC OS or Windows operating system only.
  • Your mobile phone must be within your reach in the room where you are the taking the exam. The phone is for registration/technical support purposes only.
  • Official ID - passport, UK driving licence or other ID as agreed with the Examinations Department at the RCoA.  

A quiet, secure environment means:

  • A room to which you have exclusive access (single occupancy - not shared). You cannot sit in a group or a location where others are sitting the same test, even if they are in separate rooms. This is because the exam is not being sat in a secure environment. 
  • A room that does not have integrated security cameras, or any recording equipment, other than the webcam on your PC or laptop
  • You are confident you will not be disturbed during the examination, e.g. by traffic, construction work, or people

For more information about remote invigilation please click here.

FAQs for your online test with remote invigilation 

A full list of requirements to sit the exam and FAQs are available here

TestReach tutorials for all candidates

TestReach has provided three types of tutorials for candidates who wish to view the system prior to receiving a personal log in three weeks before the test date. 

To start the tutorial, type in your browser and log in with the credentials for your chosen stylesheet.  

Calculators are not permitted in this examination, therefore the calculator option shown in these tutorials will not be available in the live version of the test. 

1. Standard tutorial (for candidates without reasonable adjustments)

This stylesheet has changed.  The examination will now appear in TestReach's Fixed canvas; the standard canvas for MCQ examinations. You cannot highlight or annotate in this canvas.  The online notepad is an additional feature therefore it does not appear in the generic tutorial but will be available in the live examination.  To find out what the notepad will look like, please access the stylesheets for either dyslexia or low vision. 

Password: rcoa2020

Stylesheets 2 and 3 are only available to candidates who requested on booking the specific reasonable adjustments stated for each stylesheet and received written agreement by the College for those adjustments. These stylesheets support reading on screen by allowing candidates to zoom in on questions by adjusting the panel size and to highlight and annotate text.

2. Tutorial on the stylesheet for candidates with dyslexia:

Password: rcoa2020

3. Tutorial on the stylesheet for candidates with low vision:

Password: rcoa2020