Primary and Final Written Examinations

Update on next scheduling of FRCA written exams

To ensure that these exams go ahead and are not subject to changes in circumstance caused by COVID-19, we have decided to change the delivery method. The next sittings of these exams will be online and invigilated by remote invigilators through a company called TestReach. TestReach are very experienced in running online invigilated tests and will support candidates personally in preparation for the exam.  
With this type of test, candidates decide where they wish to sit their exam, be it their home or workplace, but whatever is decided, the environment must be quiet and free from distraction, and with a reasonably stable internet connection.  We hope that sitting the test at a location of choice, will make the process less stressful and enable candidates to perform at their best. Most reasonable adjustments can be catered for and the standard process for adjustments will apply. 

A full list of requirements to sit the exam and FAQs are available here. 
The next sitting of the FRCA written examinations are planned as follows. The two components of the Final Written, CRQ and MCQ,  will run on different days. 

FRCA Primary MCQ – 28 August 2020
FRCA Final CRQ – 21 September 2020
FRCA Final MCQ – 25 September 2020