Module 02: Acute Pain

Module 2 takes a more detailed look at acute pain.

The first session, Pharmacology for Acute Pain begins by considering the mechanisms of acute pain and how this can be managed pharmacologically.  The difference between nociceptive and neuropathic pain are then covered.  Finally, the three main treatments for nociceptive pain are discussed.

The second session, Pain Assessment and Basic Principles of Prescribing, looks at the assessment of pain, including the commonly used pain assessment tools and the siutations in which they may be used.  The management of background and breakthrough pain, including the use of opioids, is then considered.

The third session, Acute Pain Management of Special Populations - Renal, Hepatic and Sickle Cell, covers the initial management of acute pain in patients with chronic kidney disease, liver dysfunction and sickle cell disease.

The fourth session, Adjuvant Analgesics and Regional Anaesthesia, explores adjuvantanalgesic including the mechanisms, side effects, pharmakinetics and routes.  It also covers regional anaesthesia, specifically wound infusion, spinal block and epidurals.  

Introduction to Acute Pain

Sessions include:


The module editor is Dr Jane Quinlan.