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14th September  2018

Advanced Pain Trainee Study Days

The study days below have been organised by the Education Steering Group of the London Pain Training Advisory Group (LPTAG). They are open to ALL Advanced Pain Trainees and there is no need to book in advance. If you would like any more information, please contact the LPTAG Trainee rep Dr Farrah Ayob or Dr Sandesha Kothari





10 September 2018 Dr Ian Goodall, Dr Hadi Bedran and  Dr David Pang - Introduction to advanced pain training /musculoskeletal examination TBC
9 October 2018 Communication skills/ Role play and or with Liaison Psychiatry. (personality disorder, addiction, assessment of depression, psychoactive pharmacology) TBC
January 2019 (date TBC) Dr Victor Mendis (TBC) -  Fibromyalgia/ Psychological interventions/ ACT/Mindfulness TBC
11 February 2019 Dr Sandesha Kothari - Pelvic pain and Headache TBC
12 March 2019 Dr Ajoy Pandit - Interventional day/ Anatomy / Low back/ Implantable devices/ Evidence for interventions/Radiology TBC
4 April 2019 Dr Hadi Bedran - Cancer/ Rheumatology TBC
23 May 2019 Dr Jayne Gallagher - CRPS/ Complex pain conditions TBC
7 June 2019 Dr Suellen Walker - Paediatrics TBC
11 July 2019 Dr Ashish Shetty  - NHS plan/ Commissioning: Understanding funding /Issues for Prospective New Consultants TBC


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30 November 2018 FPM 11th Annual Meeting

Calendar of External Events





4 September 2018 5th SUA Ultrasound Guided Chronic Pain Interventions Workshop Pain and Neuromodulation London
12-13 October 2018 5th LSORA Ultrasound in Pain Medicine Workshop London Society of Regional Anaesthesia
16-19 October 2018 EFIC Winter School on Cancer Pain, Liverpool, UK Pain and Neuromodulation London
26 October 2018 Adding Insult to Injury- Exploring Painful Recovery from Surgery and Trauma Pain Section- Royal Society of Medicine
9-10 November 2018 6th Hands-on Peripheral Neuromodulation Masterclass
Plus Advances in Spinal Cord Stimulation
Pain and Neuromodulation London
16 November 2018 20th Black-Tie Meeting of the London Pain Forum at the House of Lords London Pain Forum
20-25 January 2019 7th London Pain Forum "Advances in Pain Medicine" International Winter Symposium London Pain Forum
22-23 March 2019 12th RA-UK Ultrasound in Pain Medicine Course RA-UK


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