Fellowship by Examination & Assessment

The FFPMRCA examination is now a mandatory requirement for Fellowship of the Faculty of Pain Medicine. Applicants must have met the following criteria in order to be eligible:
  • Be a full Fellow of the RCoA in good standing
  • Successfully passed both the MCQ and SOE portions of the FFPMRCA examination
  • Have satisfactorily completed Advanced Pain Training
  • hold a substantive NHS or Defence Medical Service Consultant post with a committment to Pain Medicine and wish their experience to be considered
When you submit your FFPMRCA application you must include the following:
  • Application form signed by the relevant RAPM/Clinical Director
  • Examination pass letter
  • 2 case reports and marking sheets (if APT completed before 1st January 2015) OR 1 case report (if APT completed after 1st January 2015)
  • Logbook
Please note: Trainees who are currently undertaking but have not yet completed training in Advanced Pain Medicine are not eligible to become a Fellow of the Faculty.
Please send the application forms and supporting documents electronically to fpm@rcoa.ac.uk.

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