• RAPM: Dr Peter Cole
  • Posts available per year: 2
  • Advertising: There are excellent clinical and research opportunities in this region. 
  • Application & Interview process: By informal interview; however on occasions a formal interview may be necessary if there are more applicants than posts.     

The Oxford Advanced Pain Training fellowship offers a unique learning experience that reflects the biopsychosocial approach of Pain medicine in a setting where advanced and complex pain conditions are managed.

In the first 3 months of the fellowship a trainee can expect to see new patients with ample consultation times, to begin their training in administering interventional pain therapies and participate in acute pain ward rounds with problems ranging from phantom limb pain, cancer pain, opioid overuse, complex multi-compartmental surgery and aberrant drug use. The pain clinic, acute pain ward round and the interventional therapy sessions are a staple part of the 12 month training programme.

In the second 3 months there is the opportunity to participate and follow a group of patients through a pain management programme, sit in with the resident psychologists, and join the neurosurgical team to be involved in dorsal root ganglion, spinal cord stimulator, and deep brain stimulator implantation. In the third three months the trainee will begin their sessions in cancer pain medicine and have exposure to paediatric chronic pain.

The trainee will be actively encouraged to run the fortnightly journal club which offers them both the opportunity to learn about pain medicine, review current practices and understand evidence appraisal. The journal club forms part of the MDT meeting which the trainee is expected to participate in and present patients.

The final 3 months are for the trainee to spend honing their pain clinic, interventional skills and finalising their ATM competencies. There will also be time for them to explore other areas of pain medicine that are of interest to them and available within the Oxford Trust:

  • Headache at the Oxford Headache Centre
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain at the Women’s centre
  • Palliative care pain
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Psychiatry
  • Neurological pain conditions
  • Head, neck and facial pain conditions

The Oxford University Hospitals NHS trust is also home to the world leading MRI pain research centre, FMRIB, and the Cochrane Pain Group. Should the trainee have an interest in research both of these groups present opportunities for the trainee to get involved.

If you are interested in pursuing training in this region and would like to speak to a previous trainee then please contact the Faculty at contact@fpm.ac.uk