Sheffield & North Trent (South Yorkshire)

  • RAPM:  Dr Tiemo Vemmer
  • Posts available per year:  2
  • Advertising: via word of mouth, pain training days and through LPMESs and RAPM. 
  • Application & Interview process:  No formal application & interview process


Advanced Pain Training is open to all interested trainees although this has been local trainees only to date. If there was interest from trainees in other deaneries, the region could offer Fellowship posts (pre/post CCT) alongside local Advanced Pain Trainees, with necessary QA to maintain standards.

Interested trainees should make themselves known to the RAPM and meet to discuss career intentions in detail. 

Numbers exceeding posts has not been a problem to date, hence no interview. If the number of APT applicants increases across the Yorkshire and Humber deanery, we plan to appoint on a regional basis with the RAPM in Yorkshire.

During Advanced Pain Training there is access to Sheffield Children’s, hospices/cancer pain interventions and the Neuromodulation service.

If you are interested in pursuing training in this region and would like to speak to a previous trainee then please contact the Faculty at

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