Less than full time

To better support the wide variety of contracts and working patterns of our Fellows and Members, the College has a less than full time (LTFT) membership rate, which is valid for one year of membership and a new self-declaration form requesting this discount is required each year.

Criteria for eligibility:

  • Working fewer than 8 programmed activities (including supporting professional activities) per week
  • Work less than 0.80 or 79%, and below, whole time equivalent

Discount available:

  • Application received before or within 3 months of membership fee payment date = 25%
  • Application received after 3 months of membership fee payment date but within 6 months =18%
  • Application received after 6 months of membership fee payment date will be applied to your next membership renewal

If you would like to apply for this discount please download the self-declaration form found here, complete the form and email it back to the Membership Engagement team via membership@rcoa.ac.uk.

For each membership year we require a new form to apply the discount, so please be aware that this is not automatically applied and we may ask you to re-submit the form.

Please note, if you have retired from substantive clinical work, you are not eligible for this discount but you can request to change your membership category to be that of Senior Fellows and Members Club (SFMC). For full details of the SFMC membership please visit this webpage.