Anaesthetists in training: Listening Events with RCoA President

Anaesthetists in training are invited to Listening Events with the RCoA President.

At the Royal College of Anaesthetists we are acutely aware of the issues impacting anaesthetists in training.

With the recent and ongoing pressures being faced by our members, in particular anaesthetists in training, the College is fully committed to addressing these issues at the highest level.

To further understand the needs and pressures, and to discuss and share potential solutions and opportunities, the College will host a series of listening events over the coming months.

Designed specifically for anaesthetists in training, these listening events will provide the freedom to talk directly to me and your College Council members on issues that affect you and things that you would like the College to address.

Purpose and Format

The listening events will be informal, focusing on discussion and listening. The primary purpose is for the views of anaesthetists in training to be communicated back into the College, so you should feel relaxed to speak freely to me about any issue, in a supportive and confidential environment.

This is your College and we represent you — please book your free place and join me at the RCoA on Monday 30 January.

I look forward to seeing you. There will be further events around the UK throughout 2017.

Dr Liam Brennan, President

03 November 2016