Professor Michael Mythen



Term of office on Council

March 2013–2019


University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, London

Register of Interests

Professor Michael Mythen is Smiths Medical Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care UCL and a Consultant at UCLH. He is Director of the UCL Centre for Anaesthesia and The UCL Discovery Lab and a resident PI at the Institute of Spots Exercise and Health. He is a paid Consultant for Edwards Lifesciences (via UCL Consulting and independently) and Deltex in the USA. He was a National Clinical Advisor for the Department of Health Enhanced Recovery Partnership until May 2013; Stock holder and advisory board  for Medical Defence Technologies LLC – (“Gastrostim” patented); Director Bloomsbury Innovation Group – a community interest company owned by UCLH Charity; Co-Inventor of “QUENCH” (fluid management system) IP being exploited by UCL Business. Professor Mythen's institution has also received charitable donations and grants from Smiths Medical Endowment and Deltex Medical. Professor Mythen was also co-author of the GIFTASUP guidelines on peri-operative fluid management; Editor in Chief of Peri-operative Medicine; on the Editorial Board of the BJA and Critical Care; a member of the Improving Surgical Outcomes Group; Expert advisor to the NICE IV fluids guideline development group; Chairman of the Board of The National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia; Co-Director Xtreme Everest; Co-Chair Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine (EBPOM).


Professor Michael (Monty) Mythen completed his UK anaesthesia fellowship (FRCA) in 1990, gained an MD in 1995 and was appointed assistant professor at Duke University Medical Centre, North Carolina, USA before returning to the UK.

He has a wide range of research interests including: Human tolerance of hypoxia, peri-operative fluid management and enhanced recovery after surgery, endotoxin and endotoxin immunity and the determinants of post-operative morbidity and mortality.

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