Local Contacts


Each region has a Lead Trainer for ACCS training. Please see below for the current Lead Trainer for your region. If you have questions about the training programme that cannot be answered or addressed locally, you should contact your parent college. 

East Midlands
Dr Dan Becker, ACCS Training Programme Director, North Rotation
Dr Vivek Pillai, ACCS Training Programme Director, South Rotation
East of England
Dr Cilla Reid, ACCS Training Programme Director
East of Scotland
Dr William McClymont, Chair of ACCS Specialty Training Committee
Dr Amanda Wellesley, ACCS Quality Lead
North West London
Dr Michelle Hayes, Acting ACCS Lead
Central and North East London
Dr Roger Cordery, Chair of ACCS Training Programme Management Committee
South London
Dr Duncan Brooke, ACCS Emergency Medicine Training Programme Director
Dr David Roe, ACCS Lead
North of Scotland
Dr Angus Cooper, ACCS Training Programme Director
North West
Dr Thomas Wiles, ACCS Training Programme Director
Northern Ireland
Dr Sally Anne Phillips, Anaesthesia Head of School
Dr Michael Trimble, Acute Medicine Head of School
Dr Kevin Maguire, Emergency Medicine Head of School
North East
Dr Mal Jones, ACCS Head of School
Dr Eleanor Skiffington, ACCS Training Programme Director
Dr Karine Zander, ACCS Head of School
South East Scotland
Dr John Wilson, Chair of ACCS Specialty Training Committee
South West Peninsula
Dr Lou Mitchell, ACCS Training Programme Director
Dr Rachel Walpole, ACCS Training Programme Director
Dr Lee Gray, ACCS Training Programme Director
West Midlands
Dr Ed Briggs, ACCS Training Programme Director
West of Scotland
Dr Cieran McKiernan, ACCS Lead
Yorkshire and Humber
Dr Maya Naravi, ACCS Lead, North Rotation
Dr Alison Smith, ACCS Lead, South Rotation