British researcher receives prestigious scientific award for ground breaking anaesthetic discovery

Dr John Glen, the British researcher who discovered and developed propofol - the world’s most widely used anaesthetic agent - has been awarded the prestigious Lasker~Debakey Clinical Medical Research Award.

Propofol’s quick onset of action, in conjunction with patients’ rapid and clear-headed recovery, swiftly made it the anaesthetic of choice for anaesthetists worldwide following its introduction in 1986. In the UK alone it is now used to sedate patients for over three million surgical procedures per year.

Dr Liam Brennan, President of The Royal College of Anaesthetists said:

“Anaesthetists worldwide owe a debt of gratitude to Dr Glen. Propofol has transformed anaesthetic and surgical practice  making it safer and more comfortable for our patients with fewer side effects including delayed postoperative recovery and nausea.

“The fact that over 30 years since its introduction, propofol remains one of the most widely used drugs in operating theatres, intensive care units and emergency departments across the world, demonstrates the significance of Dr Glen’s ground-breaking research.”

The Lasker Awards Programme, established in 1945, recognises fundamental biological discoveries and clinical advances which improve human health.

11 September 2018