Building capacity to care and capability to treat

RCoA response to NHS Health Education England Consultation:
Building capacity to care and capability to treat – a new team member for health and social care

Health Education England (HEE) is proposing a new, enhanced care assistant role to support the nursing workforce. HEE aims for this role to ‘give Care Assistants opportunities for a rewarding lifelong career with opportunities to progress into higher level caring and nursing roles for those who seek to do so. It is envisaged that a new role which has clear standards and a consistent title will enable the development of a flexible workforce able to deliver care according to need.’

In its response to the consultation on the proposals, the RCoA has offered support in principle for this new role. We feel, however, that much more detail is required on the specific function, scope of practice and healthcare settings within which this new team member is to operate; without clear demarcations from existing care and nursing roles there is a risk of both patient care fragmentation and introduction of unnecessary layers of staffing.


18 March 2016

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