CT2 Recruitment in Anaesthesia

We have been advised by the Department of Health that in 2013 there should be no CT2 recruitment in Anaesthesia in England, either at a national or local level. There is no change to the situation in the devolved nations.

Programme Directors should ensure that they take this into account when planning the number of posts to recruit to at CT1. Any local underfills or shortages should be addressed at a Trust level.

Trainees who would have considered applying for CT2 posts in England should consider two alternative actions.

Some doctors may prefer to apply for CT1 rather than CT2. The College would draw attention to the eligibility criteria, which are available on the MMC website, and in particular the requirement that applicants to CT1 should have 18 months or less experience in anaesthesia and ICM (not including Foundation modules) by time of appointment.

Those doctors with more experience, or who cannot apply for CT1, should consider applying for ST3. They should confirm their eligibility for this – in particular they should hold Primary FRCA or equivalent, and should be able to produce evidence of their achievement of CT/ST1 & 2 competences by the time of appointment. They can do this in one of three ways:-

  • Holding a Basic Level Training Certificate (BLTC).
  • A written statement from College Tutor that BLTC will be issued by the time of expected commencement of post, including evidence of satisfactory Annual Review of Career Progression for ST1/CT1.
  • Completion of the Confirmation of Basic Level Equivalence Certificate.

Applicants who are not currently eligible for ST3 may need to undertake an interim period, in a locum of non-training-grade post, in order to achieve the necessary examination or other eligibilities. At the end of their training they may receive a CESR(CP), rather than a CCT, which will then allow entry onto the Specialist Register. 

Further information and FAQs on eligibility for CCT or CESR is available on the RCoA website

09 November 2012