Election to Council 2019: Ballot Open

30 October 2018: RCoA Council elections open

RCoA Council elections opened today (30 October) for two consultant vacancies and one trainee vacancy.

This ballot is being conducted electronically. Over the next few days all fellows and trainees should receive an email with instructions of how to vote. To ensure the process is independent and fair we are again using leading ballot services provider Electoral Reform Services (ERS) to conduct the election, so look out for a message from RCoAvote@electoralreform.co.uk.

The College encourages all eligible to vote to do so.

Consultant vacancies (two to elect to serve a term of six years)

  • Dr Paul McAndrew
  • Dr Mike Swart
  • Dr Felicity Plaat
  • Dr Sri Gummaraju
  • Dr Anil Patel
  • Dr David Selwyn

Anaesthetists in training vacancies (one to elect to serve a term of four years)

  • Dr James Rudge
  • Dr Benjamin Robinson
  • Dr Sarah Muldoon

You need to vote by no later than midday on 3 December 2018. The election results will be declared via the College website as soon as possible following the ballot count. The results will also be published in the College Bulletin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can vote?

  • fellows who are registered with the College for training can vote for both trainee and consultant vacancies
  • all other trainees registered with the College who do not have fellowship can vote for the trainee vacancy only
  • fellows by examination, fellows ad eundem, associate fellows and senior fellows can vote for the consultant vacancy only
  • members and associate members will not receive a vote this year as there is no SAS vacancy.

I have not received my email ballot, what do I do?

If you have not received an email ballot and believe you should have, please note the following:

  • please check “Who can vote?” above to ensure that you are entitled to vote
  • electronic ballots will be sent by email on 30 October 2018 to your primary email address registered with the College
  • look out for a message from RCoAvote@electoralreform.co.uk
  • if you can’t locate the email, please search on this address and also check your junk mail
  • if you still can’t locate the email after 31 October, please email ceo@rcoa.ac.uk with your College Reference Number.

I am a consultant and I want to vote in the anaesthetists in training election. Why don’t I have a vote?

  • only trainees vote in this election - consultants are of course eligible to vote in the consultant election.

I am a member or an associate member, why don’t I have a vote this year?

Members and associate members currently elect the SAS members of Council and this year there are no vacancies in that category. You are currently represented by:

However, if you are registered for training or a consultant and believe you should have had a vote please email ceo@rcoa.ac.uk with your College Reference Number as you may be in the wrong membership category.

Following feedback from last year’s election, RCoA Council is reviewing who votes for whom and is planning to bring proposals to next year’s AGM to ensure all members and fellows have more say in the running of the College.

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29 October 2018