Exam Regulations (August 2013) and Exam Application Forms

The new Regulations cover all examinations in the academic year 2013 – 2014.

The revisions from the 2012 regulations are:

  • Validity of Primary/exemption qualifications reduced from ten to seven years (announced in September 2012).
  • Electronic devices and mobile phone policy (announced in March 2013).
  • Misconduct policy (new)

The examination application forms have changed. In order to prepare for on-line application, which should come to fruition in autumn 2014, we have changed parts of the application form, making them more straightforward to complete and bringing all the notes and instructions together to form a comprehensive ‘Information sheet’ which will advise the applicant on how to complete the form, check it and send it etc.

The most radical change you will notice on the new forms is that an applicant will no longer have to obtain their College Tutor or Supervising Consultant’s signature.  Trainees/MTI (IP) applicants will still need to discuss their application with their College Tutor and obtain their full support and non-trainees will require their supervising Anaesthetic Consultant’s support too.  When signing the application form applicants will not only be confirming they have spoken to their CT/Consultant and gained their support but that they are also adequately prepared for the exam applied for.

19 June 2013