Examinations changes

Final FRCA MCQ examination – Question composition

With effect from the 1 August 2014 the composition of the Final FRCA MCQ examination will change to ensure the question topics fully reflect the breadth of the relevant anaesthetic training curriculum. The question structure of the Final MCQ will remain unchanged and continue to consist of 60 x MTF and 30 x SBA.  The Primary and Final FRCA Examination Regulations August 2014, Appendix 1:  Structure of the Examinations – Final FRCA Examination – Written, will be amended as follows at paragraph (a) (amendments in red):

'MCQ paper: 90 MCQs in three hours: 60 x Multiple True/False (MTF) plus 30 Single Best Answer (SBA) questions in three hours, comprising approximately of:

60 Multiple True-False (MTF):

  • 20 Advanced sciences to underpin anaesthetic practise
  • 20 General duties (essential units)
  • 17 Specialist (essential units)
  • 3 Optional units

30 Single Best Answer (SBA):

  • 15 General duties (essential units)
  • 15 Specialist (essential units)/Optional Units'

The above composition will be used for the Final FRCA Written exam on 2 September 2014 and all Final MCQ examinations thereafter until further notice. It does not affect the Final Written exam to be held on 11 March 2014 which will follow the question composition reflected in the Examinations Regulations, Appendix 1, dated November 2013.


Final FRCA Board of Examiners

03 March 2014