GIRFT project leads announced

RCoA Perioperative Medicine Leads Dr Chris Snowden and Dr Mike Swart have been announced as the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) Clinical Leads for Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine.

GIRFT is a clinician-led programme aimed at improving patient care by reducing unwarranted variation in service provision and clinical practice.

Dr Snowden and Dr Swart will work with anaesthetists across England to consider ways to improve the delivery of perioperative medicine and anaesthesia. Unlike in other specialties, where the clinical leads are responsible only for their own areas, Dr Snowden and Dr Swart will be responsible for assessing unwanted variation across the patient pathway.  They will be sharing best practice with clinicians to empower them to replace areas of poor value with higher quality care. 

GIRFT methodology includes using data from national registries to produce individualised reports for each hospital with a follow up from the clinical leads. Discussions are held with clinical and managerial teams about variations in practice which result in suboptimal quality of care or wasted resources. The GIRFT leads work with these teams to improve the quality of care and reduce costs for the hospital.

The GIRFT project will work in conjunction with the College’s Perioperative Medicine Programme to improve the quality of perioperative care.  The College’s Perioperative Medicine Programme was established in 2014 and focuses on delivering the best possible care for patients from the contemplation of surgery through to recovery, as well improved quality of life in the long-term.  The evidence of best practice being produced by the Perioperative Medicine Programme will be used to help reduce variations in practice.

The RCoA is co-sponsoring this new role with NHS Improvement.  Dr Snowden and Dr Swart will take up their role from 1 September.

RCoA Council Member Dr Anna Batchelor has also been named as the GIRFT Clinical Lead for Intensive Care/Critical Care.  

24 July 2017