GMC proposal for examination data to be collected at individual trainee level

The GMC already receive aggregated examination data from Colleges and Faculties through the Annual Specialty Report (ASR). The ASR is specifically designed to provide assurance to the GMC and the public that Colleges are driving the quality of training and the delivery of curricula in line with the GMC‘s standards.

The present aggregated examination data received by the GMC allows them to analyse the performance of UK trainees by gender, country of origin and Primary Medical Qualifications etc.  However, aggregated data is difficult to validate and the analysis of such data is limited.

Therefore in order to improve data quality and completeness, which in turn will allow the GMC greater control in the analysis of progression patterns, they have requested that Colleges and Faculties provide data at ‘trainee level’ which will allow the GMC to establish clean and validated datasets and integrate exam results with ARCP and recruitment data etc.

To achieve this, the GMC have asked that Colleges/Faculties provide individual data fields for all UK trainees, the required fields include: GMC number, First name, Surname, Trainee level and Deanery, exam result, marks, date of success and a marks breakdown.  The GMC have confirmed that they will only publish aggregated exam data against GMC number in the form of pass or fail.  Other specific data will be retained and may be used for research.

The College has been in discussion with the GMC to ensure that the provision of data requested and that data storage/governance is in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 1998).  The College is satisfied that the provision of data for doctors registered with the GMC is permitted under the DPA 1998 Schedule 2.  The GMC have recommended the following privacy notice:

“If you are registered or anticipate being registered with the GMC then your personal data, including data about your exam results, will be passed to the GMC for quality assurance and research purposes and to facilitate the awarding of certificates of completion of training (CCTs).”

The privacy notice will be put in place no later than 31 March 2013. The GMC’s privacy notice will be in addition to the College’s ‘Disclosure of Information’ notice which is already reflected on examination application forms and covered in the College’s data protection policy.

Individual candidate data will be published by the GMC using a password protected online reporting tool from September 2014.  The report will use data collected over the 2013–2014 academic year.

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03 January 2013