GPICS Published – Guidelines for ICM Services (2015)

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) and the Intensive Care Society (ICS) are proud to present the first edition of Guidelines for the Provision of Intensive Care Services, also known as GPICS.

GPICS is the first step towards the development of a definitive reference source for the planning and delivery of UK Intensive Care Services, and builds on the previously published Core Standards for Intensive Care Units (2013), which is incorporated into the final chapter of GPICS for ease of reference.

GPICS will be of particular relevance to clinicians involved in management and the design of critical care services, hospital managers, commissioners, Adult Critical Care Operational Delivery Networks, and the NHS England Adult Critical Care Clinical Reference Group.

GPICS also includes clinical chapters and will therefore be of interest to those who undertake clinical audit to improve their practice and for revalidation. Currently the FICM and ICS are co-developing an Audit Recipe Book with recommended audits; future editions of GPICS will link Chapters to audit recommendations.

The publication of the first edition of GPICS is the start of a journey to build a comprehensive index of recommendations and standards for how UK Intensive Care Services should work. GPICS will be updated and grow with the addition of new chapters.

The recommendations in GPICS are, where possible, based on strong evidence. However, we acknowledge that in a number of areas, particularly those dealing with service configuration, the evidence base is incomplete. The Faculty and Society are addressing this ‘evidence gap’ as a joint initiative by developing a portfolio of evidence-based guidelines.

21 April 2015