Joint statement from the RCoA, AAGBI and FICM on industrial action by junior doctors in England

With all out industrial action by junior doctors in England now imminent, the AAGBI, RCoA and FICM offer our Fellows and Members the following updated advice.

Maintenance of patient safety remains of paramount importance and we refer you to the most recent GMC guidance that details the responsibilities for doctors taking industrial action, but also advises all senior doctors, those in leadership roles, and employers. The BMA has also published detailed guidance for junior doctors, consultant/SAS grades and employers. We recommend that all Fellows and Members acquaint themselves with these documents in advance of the start of all out industrial action, particularly as this will be the first experience for most colleagues of working during a full withdrawal of labour.

It will be for each department of anaesthesia/critical care/pain management to decide on the prioritisation of clinical duties with relevant partner specialties and hospital management on each day of action. We advise you to fully acquaint yourselves with the agreed local working patterns to ensure that patient safety and continuity of care is maintained whilst working within your own areas of clinical competence.

We are aware that the latest development in the current dispute is unprecedented in the experience of most practising doctors.  Many colleagues, their families and friends, are finding the current situation particularly stressful and hence we refer you to our earlier welfare statement.


25 April 2016