Perioperative Medicine highlighted in Anaesthesia

The increasing quality of perioperative medicine delivery in the UK has been highlighted in an article in the latest edition of Anaesthesia.

The article, written by the College’s National Leads in Perioperative Medicine Dr Chris Snowden and Dr Mike Swart, along with the College’s Fellow in Perioperative Medicine, Dr Anne-Marie Bougeard, discusses the variance between preoperative assessment practice in UK hospitals following a survey of Local Perioperative Medicine Leads.

Dr Snowden, Dr Swart and Dr Bougeard discuss the many examples of excellent practice in perioperative medicine, but also the wide variance in processes between hospitals.

As expressed in the article:

“…this survey demonstrates that preoperative Perioperative Medicine services across the United Kingdom vary widely, however it is encouraging that there are pockets of excellent practice which should be shared and we believe this is the best approach to developing consistent services across the country. There are many opportunities for Local Perioperative Medicine Leads to share best practice.”

Improving perioperative medicine is a major aim of the RCoA’s Strategic Plan 2016-2021. The College’s Perioperative Medicine Programme began in 2014 and has expanded to two national leads, a Fellowship in Perioperative Medicine, a National Leadership Group and more than 100 Local Perioperative Medicine Leads.

We encourage all RCoA members to discuss the results of this survey with their Local Perioperative Medicine Leads and their colleagues to consider ways to implement Perioperative Medicine best practice in their local hospitals.


19 June 2017