Protecting whistleblowers seeking jobs in the NHS

The RCoA and the AAGBI have jointly responded to the consultation by the Department of Health on how to protect former whistleblowers from suffering discrimination in seeking employment in the NHS. The Department of Health proposes to extend the legislation that supports whistleblowers in other industries to NHS employees. The key issue raised in the joint response is that it is not uncommon for an employer to refer a whistleblowing healthcare professional to their regulator, e.g. the GMC, as part of an inappropriate response to whistleblowing, and for the regulator’s investigation processes to run on for many months. During this period, although protected by the proposed legislation, the applicant would have to admit to being subject to a current regulator’s investigation, and this in itself might decrease their chances of employment. The Department of Health has been asked to consider whether, in these circumstances, employers should be obliged to continue to pay former employees’ salaries until the completion of the regulator’s investigation.

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15 May 2017

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