Quality Assurance of the CPD Approval Scheme

The quality assurance report for the CPD approval scheme at the Royal College of Anaesthetists is produced every year for the CPD Board to cover a number of its Terms of Reference, including reviewing the applications received for CPD approval and the subsequent decisions made by the CPD Assessors.

The latest report covers the period 1 November 2014 to 31 October 2015 which was a busy time for the CPD & Revalidation Team. During these 12 months, details of 1,017 events were submitted to the College for CPD approval with the reviews completed by 71 CPD Assessors. The College is extremely grateful for the support and expertise of the CPD Assessors in this important role, and applications for new CPD Assessors are very welcome.

The report describes the College resources available to support CPD including the CPD Online Diary and CPD web app, as well as online learning with the Oxford Journals, and it also includes information on the summary delegate feedback which was sampled from 105 of the CPD-approved events.

Download the Quality Assurance of the CPD Approval Scheme here

For further information about it please contact Chris Kennedy, CPD & Revalidation Co-ordinator, at cpd@rcoa.ac.uk.

08 February 2016

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