RCoA’s ACSA scheme recognised by Welsh health regulator

The College’s Anaesthesia Clinical Services Accreditation (ACSA) scheme has received recognition from the Welsh health regulator, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales.

ACSA is a voluntary peer-reviewed scheme aimed at improving the quality of anaesthetic clinical services within both NHS and independent healthcare organisations.

Sixteen anaesthetic departments across the United Kingdom are ACSA accredited, and another 94 departments have registered their interest and are currently working through the accreditation process.

Dr Liam Brennan, President at the Royal College of Anaesthetists, said: “Patient safety is at the heart of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and ACSA’s work. Our accreditation scheme’s robust standards encourage anaesthetic departments to make constant improvements to the patient care and the services they provide.

“We are delighted that the Welsh health regulator has recognised the College’s standards for anaesthetic accreditation. ACSA accredited departments across Wales can now demonstrate their commitment to delivering and maintaining a high level of patient care and safety.

“Following recognition from Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, we have written to all anaesthetic clinical directors in Wales to encourage their engagement with the ACSA scheme and discuss ways in which their departments can become accredited.”

Find out more about the ACSA scheme here

27 November 2017