RCoA and FICM update on ICM ST3 offers

The College and the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) were made aware yesterday of problems with the Royal College of Physicians London (RCPL) led medical training recruitment processes. This has had a knock-on effect to destabilise single and dual specialty ICM recruitment which we know has caused anxiety for our members involved in the current application round.
The College and Faculty are working closely with Health Education England (HEE) and the RCPL to clarify and resolve these issues for ICM and anaesthesia recruitment as soon as possible and we will keep our trainees and trainers informed with progress. FICM has now been able to discuss some ramifications in detail with the central HEE team that made the decision to reset ICM offers. They have confirmed the following:

  • As ICM ranking was entirely correct, they expect little change in the result when offers are sent out again.
  • In the unlikely event of a trainee who, for example rejected an anaesthetics offer and accepted an ICM offer now being at risk of losing their ICM offer they will manage this on a case by case basis to ensure that the trainee is not disadvantaged.

We will continue to work with HEE to ensure that, however unlikely, we protect any ICM or anaesthesia trainee put at risk by this situation.
If you have any immediate queries about the letters from Oriel please direct them to st3recruitment@rcplondon.ac.uk.

05 May 2018