RCoA launches its first blog

This week the College launched its first blog for which we are keen to take contributions from fellows, members and partners on issues and topics of relevance to the specialty and wider NHS.

Blogs can be written by anyone with an affiliation to the College and/or anaesthesia, so if you want to suggest any authors or topics that you feel would make for interesting reading, please send your suggestions through to: comms@rcoa.ac.uk.
Should your topic and/or suggested author be taken forward, we will work to provide a detailed brief, but in the meantime here’s an overview of what we need:

  • the blogpost should be no more than 600 words
  • tone of voice should be informative but personable
  • avoid the use of jargon, specialist language or acronyms – the blog posts will be made available to anyone wanting to view them so please do make sure that the language is accessible to everyone.

The College would like to thank Dr Sarah Hare, Clinical Lead for NELA, who has launched the series with a blog discussing the fourth NELA report and what the findings reveal about emergency bowel surgery today.


28 November 2018