RCoA member journals: a new publishing partnership

With effect from 1 January 2018, publication of the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ two academic journals and the membership magazine The Bulletin will transition from Oxford University Press (OUP) to Elsevier. College fellows, members and non-member subscribers will continue to benefit from printed copies as well as online access to the British Journal of Anaesthesia and BJA Education.

New journal websites
In line with the transition, the new Elsevier journal websites for BJA and BJAEd are now live.

Promotional free access
Between 1 January and 31 March 2018, BJA  and BJAEd will be available online in promotional free access. Between these dates, College fellows and members will be able to view all content in both journals, including the full archive, for free at the new Elsevier-hosted journal websites without the need to log in.

New log in details
Early in 2018, fellows and members will receive details of how to log in to the new BJA and BJAEd journal websites and organise their online access. While these new log in details will only be required after 31 March, we strongly encourage College fellows and members to set up a new user profile on Elsevier’s websites prior to 31 March to ensure a smooth transition to the new Elsevier-hosted websites. More information from the College will follow in January 2018. When creating an online profile, fellows and members will be able set their preferences for additional services, such as signing up to receive Table of Contents alerts.

Feedback on our member journals
The College’s 2016 membership survey showed that 91% of fellows and members read BJAEd, 90% read the BJA and 84% read the Bulletin. Eighty-six percent of survey respondents rated the College’s publications as ‘very good’. Dr Liam Brennan, President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists said: “This is high praise from our fellows and members and it is for this reason that we are committed to continue providing publications which support lifelong learning and feature high quality anaesthesia related research. With the BJA’s Impact Factor having recently increased for the fourth consecutive year to 6.238, the BJA is now the world's number one ranking anaesthetic journal. The College is collaborating with OUP and Elsevier to ensure a smooth and seamless handover.”

Information about the transition and online access to the journals from 31 March 2018 will be provided via the monthly President’s eNewsletter and direct communication to fellows and members in January 2018.

04 January 2018