RCoA responds to Diabetes UK ‘Making hospitals safe for people with diabetes’ report

Responding to the Diabetes UK ‘Making hospitals safe for people with diabetes’ report Professor Michael Grocott, Chair of the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ Perioperative Medicine  Leadership Group said:

“Perioperative care is about looking after patients from the time surgery is contemplated all the way through to their recovery after surgery. Done properly, perioperative care makes the best use of resources and improves outcomes for patients.

“We fully support Diabetes UK’s recommendation that hospitals should have a perioperative diabetes team in place, with representation from the anaesthetic department, as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

“Our own research has found that one in five diabetic patients go into hospital for planned surgery with their blood sugar above the recommended level, putting them at increased risk of postoperative complications.

“The principles of perioperative care for diabetic patients can equally be applied across the NHS. Managing pre-existing conditions, involving the patient in decisions about their own health and utilising the expertise of a range of healthcare professionals are fundamentals of inpatient care.

“High-quality perioperative care is good for patients, good for the NHS and good for the economy.”

08 October 2018