RCoA responds to NHS Reality Check report

In response to the NHS Reality Check Update 2018 report, released today by the Royal College of Physicians, Dr Liam Brennan, President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, said:

“NHS staff are not superhuman. Working conditions that drain staff morale and wellbeing threaten the ability to deliver the high quality of care that patients deserve and rightly expect.

“Our recent report into the morale and welfare of anaesthetists in training revealed similar concerns, showing that more than four fifths (85 per cent) of respondents were at risk of burnout, while three quarters (75 per cent) had worked through a shift without adequate hydration. 

“If patients were subjected to some of the same conditions as the doctors who cared for them, there would be an inquiry.

“Greater investment is needed across the NHS and we also need to address inadequate staff facilities. We need capital funding so that staff can have access to refreshments and rest facilities in a setting that makes them feel motivated and valued for the hard work they do. A place to rest, make a cup of tea, and grab a bite to eat would be a start.”

11 March 2018

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