RCoA response to GMC’s 2019 national training survey

In response to the findings of the GMC’s 2019 national training survey, Professor Ravi Mahajan, President of the Royal College of Anaesthetists said:

“To see a year-on-year improvement where fewer anaesthetists in training are stating that their roles are being affected by fatigue is truly heartening. In response to the findings of our 2017 Welfare and Morale report and our involvement in the Fight Fatigue campaign, I am determined that the work our College has undertaken to support anaesthetists of all grades across the United Kingdom will continue to deliver the impact is it now so clearly having.

“Compared to 2018 figures, 10 per cent more trainees who responded to the survey reported that they had been given the opportunity to be trained about fatigue or sleep. Almost seven per cent more trainees stated that they felt supported to take rest breaks while approximately four per cent more trainees said they did not feel too tired to get home safely.

“The issue of high workloads amongst NHS staff has been of great concern over the past few years, so it is encouraging to see a halving of the number of trainees working beyond their rostered hours. I am also pleased to see that trainees continue to rate highly the quality of teaching and training supervision they receive.

“Survey results have, however, shown that there are still many areas of concern which the College needs to continue addressing in partnership with our stakeholders such as burnout and the lack of adequate rest facilities. It is incredibly important to value our doctors and other front-line healthcare workers. Keeping medical staff fit and healthy so they can provide the highest level of care for their patients is something the whole healthcare sector should be championing.

“Ensuring the provision of a well-supported and sustainable medical workforce is a vital component in the long-term planning process for health and social care services. To address the issue of burnout and fatigue, I will continue to work with NHS leaders and call for the introduction of a national welfare and morale strategy for NHS staff and I look forward to supporting the development and delivery of the forthcoming NHS People Plan.”

08 July 2019